Rational Sum (20)

时间限制 1000 ms 内存限制 65536 KB 代码长度限制 100 KB 判断程序 Standard (来自 小小)


Given N rational numbers in the form "numerator/denominator", you are supposed to calculate their sum.


Each input file contains one test case. Each case starts with a positive integer N (<=100), followed in the next line N rational numbers "a1/b1 a2/b2 ..." where all the numerators and denominators are in the range of "long int".  If there is a negative number, then the sign must appear in front of the numerator.


For each test case, output the sum in the simplest form "integer numerator/denominator" where "integer" is the integer part of the sum, "numerator" < "denominator", and the numerator and the denominator have no common factor.  You must output only the fractional part if the integer part is 0.


2/5 4/15 1/30 -2/60 8/3


3 1/3